Couples therapy

Very few couples navigate their relationship without periods of turbulance.  In couples work it is the relationship that is the client, and the individuals who make up that relationship that are the active participants in affecting change.  For a relationship to be in balance, it needs two people to actively commit.

How does couple counselling works?

I offer an impartial, confidential, non judgemental, supportive approach. My role as a therapist is to enable you to consider the issues you are experiencing and find a method of communication where both parties can feel able to express their feelings and thoughts without being judged.

By developing your ability to hear each other as well as communicate all your feelings which often include pain, rage and hurt, both parties can move towards taking responsibility for their actions and how their behaviour affects their partner.  Couples who can learn to work at this level of relating can then navigage the complexities that brought them to therapy.

“Forgiveness is the key to action and freedom”.   Hannah Arendt

Analysing together your behavioural patterns and your communication style, I will help you to develop techniques and strategies to face what brought you to therapy rather than repeating the same methods of relating that ends in discourse.


£100 for couples therapy sessions.

  • Fees are subject to an annual review.
  • Notice of cancellation must be given 2 days in advance or the session is chargeable.
  • Payment method to be agreed prior to first session.