Individual therapy

Therapy offers people the rare opportunity to focus entirely on themselves.  As the therapeutic alliance is built, clients are able to speak openly about uncomfortable issues and explore them, communicating their own unique reality within a safe and confidential therapeutic relationship.

How does Psychotherapy work?

In the first session I will ask you questions about yourself and the issues that present as problems in your life.  This will help you to work out the focus for the psychotherapy and give us both the knowledge of how and if we can work together and if the work is long or short term.  The sessions after this may be less cognative, depending on what the client brings to the session.

Sessions take place once or twice a week and last 50 minutes. We will discuss and decide upon the duration of the therapeutic conract.


£70 for individual therapy sessions.

  • Fees are subject to an annual review.
  • Notice of cancellation must be given 2 days in advance or the session is chargeable.
  • Payment method agreed prior to first session.